Make in India Made in India8 months ago

Make in India is slogan of Narendra Modi to develop the nation in manufacturing sector. He wants "Made in India" to be a global brand and putting all his efforts towards.

What can Narendra Modi do for Muslim community in India?17 months ago

Muslims in India are generally skilled in arts and mechanics but uneducated. They can be very useful in Make in India project. Narendra Modi can help imparting education-training to these Muslims

Festivals in India: Paryushan, the greatest Jain auspicious Parva18 months ago

Paryushan, the greatest Parva of Jain starting from August 22 this year, 2014 for self realization. Last day is celebrated as forgiveness day. Das Lakshan Parva of Digambar will start from Aug 30

KALQ: Smarter keyboard for Android phones17 months ago

Vardhaman Infotech, Jaipur, Indian Technology Company developed new KALQ, keyboard app for Android phones that replacing older QWERTY keyboards. Download keyboard app free from Google play store.

Colleges in Rajasthan must have their websites, orders directorate of education17 months ago

Directorate of college education in Rajasthan made it mandatory for colleges in Rajasthan to develop their own website.

How to achieve goals fun way: Tips of setting smart, effective goal17 months ago

How to set smart goals ? How to achieve goals effectively? tips to achieve it in a fun way. Make your New Year's Resolutions in funny but effective way. Setting your goal is easy....keep it simple.

Anna Hazare, Anshan, Anti corruption in India and Jan Lokpal bill17 months ago

Anna Hazare, a Gandhian leader and icon of anti corruption in India is fighting against UPA government to bring strong Jan Lokpal bill. He sit for Anshan in Mumbai and Delhi....

Role of IT in rural development and food security bill in India18 months ago

Role of Information technology, IT is now all pervading. Role of IT is very important when it comes to rural development especially in a country like India. Government of India is now debating on food security bill and...

Why SEO? What is SEO? Keywords, tools, techniques, training and services17 months ago

SEO, Search engine optimization is a must for a website to get more visitors. Why SEO and what is SEO... answers all your queries about SEO including tools, techniques, training, service providers...

How to design a website? Plan and elements of web designing17 months ago

How to design website? Step by step guide to beginners and developers with design elements and principles....planning and implementation.... technology

How to promote business boost sales with well designed websites?12 months ago

A Well designed website is the most powerful tool to promote business and boost sales. Static, dynamic and eCommerce websites.... How to design a website?

How to make a business and finance plan: An entrepreneur guide17 months ago

How to make a business and finance plan? The most frequently asked question in the business world. Step by step guide to write business and financial plan for new entrepreneurs facing basic problem..

Unique day, unique time, auspicious?17 months ago

Fun with numbers? Funny day. Unique day, Unique time. What if 1 will one be repeated twelve times for a single unique day? It is auspicious too astrologically and armistice day and veterans day

Travel Jaipur: Tourist place: Historic twin temples in Sanganer17 months ago

Tourists love to see historic twin temples (Swetambar Jain)in Sanganer while visiting Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan. See Rajput art & architecture, gold paintings and Jain culture.

Travel Rajasthan: Malpura Dadabadi, Dadaguru Jin Kushal Suri17 months ago

Malpura Dadabadi is a famous Jain pilgrimage center and tourist place in Rajasthan near Jaipur. It is renowned for Jin Kushal Suri, third Dadaguru. Ffree food and lodging in beautiful ambiance......

Commonwealth games (CWG) Opening and closing ceremony17 months ago

71 countries participated in Commonwealth games, CWG Delhi 2010 organized by India. Know about the gala Opening and closing ceremony at JLN stadium....

CWG: Commonwealth games, Delhi 201017 months ago

CWG 2010, 19th Commonwealth Games is the biggest sports event organized in Delhi, India. 17 games played. 71 countries and 5500 players participated. India finished 2nd with more than 100 medals

Travel Jaipur: Historic Jain temple in Amber17 months ago

Religious Tour and Travel: Amber is old capital of Rajputana situated near Jaipur, India. Chandaprabhu Swetambar Jain temple is one of the oldest temple in Jaipur accompanied with a Dadabadi.

Naxal Movement, Naxalism and terrorist activities of Naxalites in India17 months ago

Naxal movement or Naxalism was started from Naxalbadi in West Bengal. Naxalites and their terrorism / terrorist activities are the biggest threat....

IPL fever: T20 Cricket13 months ago

BCCI (Board of Cricket Control in India) organize Indian Premier League (IPL) every year. IPL, played in T20 format has become the most popular sports event in India. Written in 2010, updated 2014...

Vegetarianism is the way of healthier life17 months ago

Modern medical sciences speak of vegetarianism as a way to healthy life. Several religions also advocate for this. People follow vegetarianism for religious belief and health reasons.

Worshipping Nav Durga, nine incarnations of goddess in Navratri17 months ago

Navratri is an important religious festival in India. It is a nine days celebration to worship nine incarnations of Durga. It comes twice in a year in the lunar months of Chaitra and Ashwin.

Building Backlinks through News16 months ago

Building backlinks through News? Make money online? Know how to build back links to make money online through news site? It is easy to report your news!

Indian home remedies17 months ago

Home remedies for various diseases, Dysentery, acidity, burn, wound..... save your health save on Medical bills.. alternate medicines from India..

PayPal: Resuming local bank withdrawals to India17 months ago

PayPal is a major banking service worldwide and instrument for overseas payments to exporters, service providers and e-sellers...resumed local bank withdrawals in India. E bay and Amazon...

How to Install Video in computer and website - Step by step guide17 months ago

Where do you want to install a video? In your personal computer (PC) or in a web site or web page? It is easy to install a video... several tools available in the internet to install a video....

Yahoo and Microsoft joined hands to beat Google competition17 months ago

Google has grown by leaps and bounds, almost eliminated both old players Yahoo and Microsoft from search engine market with 65 percent market share. joining hands to beat Google competition.......

Holi: Color festival in India17 months ago

Holi, the festival of colors is among the most important festivals in India. it is a Hindu Festival, a spring festival (Basant Utsav). People play with various colors on the eve of Holi....

Festival and traditions: Chinese New Year (lunar) India and Indian17 months ago

Chinese New Year is celebrated for about fifteen days. Years reflecting Chinese Zodiac signs Dog, Pig, Rooster, Dragon, Ox, Sheep, Horse, Rabbit, Snake, Monkey, Rat and Tiger.

How to start business in India?17 months ago

Business is a system to earn profit by satisfying your clients. It is easy to start a small business in India with lesser effort and small capital...Learn how to...

Jainism: Basic Jain concept of universe17 months ago

Concept of Universe in Jainism is unique. It does not believe in a creator God. Dharmastikaya, Adharmastikaya, Akash, Pudgala, Jeeva and Kala are six substances that made the universe.

What are winter sports and winter Olympics?17 months ago

Ice hockey, Figure skating, Snow-blading, Mono skiing, Skoal, Tobogganing, Alpine and Nordic Skiing, Snowboarding, Sledding events and Snowmobiling are main winter sports played 0n snow and ice.

Charity and Community Services by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)17 months ago

RSS is a large social organization in India well known for its charities and community services. RSS volunteer for services of India and Indian communities....and the world...

Festival in India: Basant Panchami17 months ago

Basant Panchami (Vasant Panchmi) is an Indian festival ..Magh Shukla panchami.... Indian lunar calendar. Basant Panchami is observed as Saraswati Puja in Bengal and kite flying festival in Punjab.

Ruby Rings17 months ago

Ruby rings are among the finest Jewelry. Ruby is the rarest gemstone found in the nature. It is easy to find a fine quality diamond rather a fine ruby. Burmese ruby is considered the best.

Emerald Rings13 months ago

Emerald is one of the rarest gemstones found in the earth with pleasant green color and soothing effects on eyes. Every body loves emerald rings and wishes to have it in their Jewelry collection.

Makar Sankranti (Utran), the Kite festival in India17 months ago

Makar Sankranti, Kite festival of India comes on January 14. The Sun goes to uttarayan (utran).. Indian astrology. Makar Sankranti means transition of Sun from zodiac Makar.

Festivals in India: New Year in Indian cultures17 months ago

Happy New year. India celebrates both English and Indian New years. Vikram Samvat and Veer Samvat are main Lunar years where Bengal celebrates New year according to solar calendar.

Maharani Gayatri Devi Photo Gallery at Jaipur Jewellery Show 200917 months ago

Maharani Gayatri Devi, queen of Sawai Mansingh, Maharaja of Jaipur breathed her last in 2009. She was beauty queen and fashion icon. She was brave, literate, politician and stateswoman of her time.

Natural and artificial (human) activities cause climate change17 months ago

Global warming causes climate change. climate includes temperature, rainfall etc. There are many reasons of climate change, natural or artificial. Discussing artificial human activities causing....

Global warming causes climate change18 months ago

Rise in average temperature, known as global warming is seriously affecting environment. It is threat to our survival that brought the earth and its habitats at the threshold of total collapse......

Jainism and Environment17 months ago

Jainism says that five elements of nature land, Water, Fire, Air and Vegetation are living creatures and should be treated as living beings. Jain life style encourages Environment protection.....

Climate change conference in Copenhagen and Indian stand17 months ago

Indian leaders along with World leaders are meeting in Climate change conference COP15 in Copenhagen from December 7, 2009. It is the biggest summit on global warming and climate change...

Climate change conference in Copenhagen- Hopenhagen17 months ago

Copenhagen can be proved Hopenhagen if Obama administration will support agenda of developing countries and join hands to cut carbon emissions. India and China have shown their willingness to go green

Green forest to fight global warming17 months ago

Green, Green and Green, the only answer to Global Warming. The human race has ruthlessly destroyed green forests in name of development. It is at the threshold of total disaster. Climate change is...

Travel Rajasthan : Hawa mahal, The icon of Jyotish Gemstones Jaipur17 months ago

Hawamahal is the icon of Jaipur. Jaipur, Piink city a famous tourist place situated in Golden triangle of Indian tourist map, attracts millions of tourists.View inside Hawamahal...original photos...

How to find a Green collar job?18 months ago

Green collar job is hot favorite. Green energy, clean energy is the slogan. Go green. Renewable energy, solar energy, bio-fuel, energy efficiency and so on.How to get a green collar job? Read more...

How to buy Gemstone: Emerald13 months ago

How to buy gemstone Emerald? It is better to know about emerald before buying. It is a precious and mysterious Gemstone, belongs to Navratna. A remedy for planet Mercury and birth stone for May...

Education and examples of Business and business system17 months ago

Business is a system. Business persons employ people to work for them and engage investors to invest. They get lion's share of profit.want to start a business? Build a business system and earn...

Festival of India: Diwali in Jaipur17 months ago

Diwali, the festival of lights and crackers is the most auspicious and widely celebrated festival in India. Diwali of Jaipur is special. Diwali Pujan......View photos, videos and .....

Festival of India: Dhan Teras and Diwali17 months ago

Dhan Teras and Diwali are most auspicious and popular festival in India. People of India considers Dhan Teras as auspicious shopping day. It is also Dhanwantari Trayodashi.....

Green collar jobs: Employment in environment friendly and energy efficient sector18 months ago

Green collar job is the latest trend in the job market and employmentsector. Green collar is an environment friendly job related to clean and renewable energy. Green collar jobs are hot in trend..

How to build Business credit: Building business credit by ten important steps17 months ago

An entrepreneur has unique opportunity to build, maintain and acquire business credit as well as personal credit. How to build business credit? Ten steps......

Comparison of Indian and American stock markets: Updates11 months ago

Indian stock market Bse Sensex is doing much better in comparison to American stock market Dow Jones. View latest updates to Comparison of Indian and American stock markets.........

How to copy a DVD17 months ago

Want to copy a DVD? It is not a diffcult task. You can easily copy it in your computer by using software and following some easy steps.

Cats Eye: Mysterious gem stone13 months ago

Cats eye is a precious stone and ninth gemstone in the Navaratna family according to Indian gemology. This chrysoberyl gemstone with beautiful silver Jyotish Gemstones lining represents shadow planet Ketu......

Jain Festival of India: Navpad Oli (Ayambil) in Jainism4 months ago

Festival of India: Jain community in India observes Festival of Navpad oli, that lasts for nine days, twice a year. They perform Ayambil and worship Navapad alias Siddhachakra during these days.

Festival of India: Navratri4 months ago

Navratri is the most auspicious festival for Hindus in India. This is also called Navaratra. Navaratri is Garba (Dandiya) in Gujrat and Durga Puja in Bengal. Navpad Oli starts in middle of Navratri.

Hindu festival in India: Shraddh Paksh: Pitri Paksh11 months ago

Shraddh Paksh or Pitri Paksh holds very important place in Hindu festivals in India. It is to remember ancestors. It comes just before Navratri. The word Shraddh is derived from word Shraddha...

Travel Bengal: Jain Temples in historic Murshidabad Photo gallery17 months ago

Tourists visit Murshidabad, historical district in West Bengal, India to see beautiful Jain temples, palaces, tombs and other ruins of Nawabs of Murshidabad. Mursheed coolie Khan founded the city.

Coral is Gem stone for Marsh13 months ago

Coral, a rare red color gemstone is third stone of Navratna family representing planet Marsh. It is for Zodiac cancer and also used as birth stone. Jaipur cuts and polish coral in big quantity.

Travel Kolkata: Parasnath Jain temple (glass temple) part 217 months ago

Traveling Kolkata? Parasnath Jain temple is a must see tourist spot.Rai Badridas Bahadur, built this glass temple and established eye catching idols of Jain Tirthankar. View photos.

Travel Kolkata: Jain Dadabadi and Guru Charan with photo gallery17 months ago

Jain Dadabadi built in Mogul pattern is situated opposite to famous Parasnath glass temple. This resembles the Tajmahal and main tourist attraction in Kolkata. ....

Photo Gallery: Uncommon Indian dresses (Male dress) in Jaipur18 months ago

People of Jaipur wear uncommon dresses several times in festive mood. Different ethnic, religious and cultural groups wear particular dresses to show faith and belief. View pictures with description

Photo gallery: Uncommon photographs (Pictures) of Jaipur17 months ago

The uncommon photographs from my own collection...reflect religion, society, culture, festival and of course, architect and sculpture of Jaipur....

Emerald: A green colored Gemstone12 months ago

Emerald, variety of mineral beryl, is rare & expensive. Green colored gemstone is most fascinating . It represents planet Mercury.

Travel Kolkata: Parasnath Jain Temple (Glass temple)17 months ago

Parasnath glass temple is tourist attraction in Kolkata. Rai Badridas built this Jain temple garden in 1867 using gemstones and Belgian glass.

Travel Gujrat: Palitana Jain temples and pilgrimage center17 months ago

Palitana is the greatest of all Jain pilgrimage centers. Know about Palitana (Shatrunjay, Siddhachal) and view photos and videos...

How to survive a heart attack while alone17 months ago

Treat yourself and survive during a cardiac problem. Heart attack can be proved fatal without proper medical care. Try these simple methods while alone...

Travel Gujrat: Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram Agas, A spiritual place17 months ago

Spiritual place Agas Ashram is established to observe teachings of Shrimad Rajchandra. He was an enlightened person contemporary to Swami Vivekanand. He was spiritual Guru of Mahatma Gandhi.

Festival in India: Akha Teej (Akshaya Tritiya), the auspicious day10 months ago

Festival in India: Akha Teej (Akshaya Tritiya), the most auspicious day of the year for Hindu and Jain. People buy gold, Jewelry, silver, begins new business, marriages took place in this day......

Medical properties, utilities and uses of Navaratna Gemstones13 months ago

Gemstones have medical properties and utilities. Ayurveda (as Bhasma)) and Yunani (as Pisti) use healing capacities of Navratna.

Finance and insurance companies mislead customers: Beware of it17 months ago

Beware! Several Finance and insurance companies mislead customers with false commitments through phone calls, demand written proposal... I got a call from MetLife. ..See story.. how they mislead...

Gems and Jewelry business in Kolkata8 months ago

Kolkata, major center for Gems and Jewelry business in India produces diamond, gold and other Jewelry and consumes highest quantity of Navratna and solitaire diamonds.

Navratna: Tantra of India13 months ago

Navratna, Tantra of India is a specific arrangement of nine precious gemstones Ruby, Pearl, Coral, Yellow and blue Sapphire, Diamond, Hessonite and Cats eye according to Indian astrology-gemology.

Wonderful applications of mobile (cell) phones: Some unknown uses17 months ago

Extremely useful information about mobile phones. know wonderful yet unknown uses of mobile phones. discover your self about manufacturing quality, reserve battery, remote keys and emergency uses of mobile phones.....

Dr. Manmohan Singh: Highest Qualified Prime Minister in the world17 months ago

Dr Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India is the highest qualified statesman in the world. No Prime Minister or President can match his academic degrees.

Jadau Kundan Meena: Artistic Jewellery of Mogul pattern Photo gallery13 months ago

Kundan Meena Jadau are the latest trend and fashion in Jewelry. Fashionable, yet investor friendly. Jaipur and Bikaner are main manufacturing centers of this artistic Jewellery of Mogul pattern.

Photo gallery: Wild life in Jaipur17 months ago

See wild life in Jaipur, Rajasthan. View tigers, Barasingha, Crocodile....and a museum of animals in photo gallery.

Photo Gallery: Love Birds in Jaipur13 months ago

Jaipur is the pink City of India. It is also known as Emerald city. Jaipur zoo preserves various categories of birds ibis, peacock, love birds, stork... View picture gallery and videos.

Ethics in Gems and Jewelry (Jewellery) business13 months ago

Jyoti Kothari explains how ethics enabled Jains to flourish in this precious industry for generations.

Should women stay at home with their children or go back to work?17 months ago

Should a mother stay at home with children or go back to work? A vital question is analyzed in this article. *Natural way for a mother is to stay with the children... nature.. mother.. breast feed..

Gold: Ornaments, Uses, Consumers, Investors, history and Gold Market in India10 months ago

India is the biggest consumer of gold since ancient time importing 3000 tons per year. Indians continue to invest in gold as hedge against inflation. Social scenario, government policies, tax and..

Comparison of Indian and American stock markets17 months ago

Indian stock market has been performing much better than American from the very beginning. Investors in India has earned much more than America. A comparative study of both markets...

What is difference between Real estate (Property) broker and agent17 months ago

Real estate brokers and agents are the middlemen who facilitate selling and buying of immovable properties in form of land, building, shopping center, market, factory site etc. Difference between

What is Tri-lingual children: Learning languages in India17 months ago

Indian schools have system to teach three languages. Normally Indian students learn a regional language, Hindi (National language) and English. Some times they learn three languages differently.....

Comparison India:Indian economy vs US, EU, Canada, China and world17 months ago

India and Indian economy are growing faster than America, Canada, Japan and European union and viz a viz to China. A comparative study of world economy with India.

How to Be Hopeful (and not cynical) during tough times17 months ago

Do not give up hope at tough times. Go to the root cause.. fight it back. You will find that the tough time is blessing in disguise....

Delicious Indian sweet: Gujiya17 months ago

India is a place for delicious sweets. We find different varieties of vegetarian sweets across India. Gujiya is one of the north Indian variety. Know how to prepare it...

Travel tips: Beautiful tourist place: Find, discover and love it17 months ago

Want to take a tour this winter? Facing financial difficulty? A unique travel idea to suit your pocket.

How to impress your boss?17 months ago

Trying to impress your boss may potentially harm your career. Probably he is smarter than you. Be honest and modest with your boss. Adopt four Cs in life.

How to Invest? Investing in Shares (Stocks) and Mutual Funds17 months ago

Newbie should invest major portion of their money in mutual funds and smart and experienced persons in shares. But all should invest. This is smart way to come out of financial crisis.

G-20 summit 17 months ago

G-20 leaders are meeting to discuss global economic crisis. Emerging economies play a major role in the summit. The world leaders are eyeing on India as it has declared itself as part of the solution

Aditya: Indian Space Research Organisation plans for first ever solar mission17 months ago

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is now planning to send its satellite to a solar mission. ISRO is instrumental to many successful launches of satellites and lunar mission Chandrayan-1

Sourav Ganguli: Cricket to Brand Ambassador of Bengal17 months ago

Sourav Ganguli, (dada) Former Indian skipper, has told cricket good bye...West Bengal Chief Minister appointed him as brand ambassador of the state....look into his career and...

Can India bail out America from economic crisis Part-217 months ago

How can India bail out America and rest of the world from present economic and financial crisis. Can it be done? Read the article and you can find reasons....

Can India bail out America from present economic crisis?18 months ago

Economic crisis and financial problems are in alarming state. Who can save America and rest of the world from this terrible situation? Can potential of India be utilized in the interest of the world?

President Obama and economic crisis in America17 months ago

Americans have elected Obama, a charismatic personality to deliver aspirations of common Americans hit by economic crisis. He declared his priorities as President elect. He has to be innovative..

Jadau Kundan Meena: Artistic Jewelry (Jewellery) sets of Mogul pattern17 months ago

Jadau-kundan-meena ornaments are special class of Indian gold jewelry in Mogul pattern. Know about art, manufacturing, history, centers and trends of artistic jewelry with pictures and videos

Chinese economy at present: How and where will China be in future17 months ago

China-China... every body speaks of China, Chinese economy and its growth. What is inside its growth, its present and future? Majority of Chinese population is not sharing benefits...An insider story

Parenting secrets of Dhirubhai Ambani to grow Mukesh and Anil17 months ago

In previous hub I have disclosed business secrets of Dhirubhai Ambani. How was he parenting? He prepared both his sons Mukesh and Anil to be a successor of his dream. Share the secrets....

Job-loss in America: What will Presidential candidates do?17 months ago

The US is at threshold of economic disaster. What should the Presidential candidates address as core issue in campaign? people are looking to next President as their savior. Hot-American topic......

Economic crisis in America and top search words in internet17 months ago

Look at the top 20 search words (items) in internet in America and find how these effect your financial financially intelligent to save yourself from present financial crisis.

How can America survive from current financial and economic crisis?17 months ago

The US is facing biggest ever financial and economic crisis. Author describes path to come out in 4th part of the series. A must read for all Americans interested in saving their economic future...

Economic crisis in America: What are the root causes of problems?17 months ago

The main reason of American economic crisis is bad spending habit, wrong political moves and zero saving ratio. This is continued as third part of a well researched and mind boggling article ....

Indian Astrology and Palmistry : Gemstones, Planets and Zodiac13 months ago

Indian Astrology and Palmistry interface between Zodiac and Planets. Read about Navaratna, nine gemstones and their substitutes used as remedy for nine planets. The author himself is a Jeweler....

Is the UK lap dog of America, the US?17 months ago

UK (Britain) is following America blindly. Joining EU, participate in Iraq war everywhere UK is behaving as a lap dog of the US. People say UK may be merged as a province (State) of US.....

Causes of financial problems in America, the US Part 217 months ago

Besides apparent there are hidden causes behind current financial problem of America. A very important is internet. Blessing in past turned into curse. Read a reverse angle...well researched article

Chandragupta disciple of Chanakya: Rich Son of Poor Dad17 months ago

Few people have rare qualities, born poor but achieved great. Who can achieve and how? Peep through the history and know to be a rich son born of a poor dad....

How to develop and improve Communication Skills? Secrets of Developing17 months ago

Converting people into good communicators by developing communication skills. Verbal, written, through gestures and body languages..The article also includes tips from ancient Indian texts.....

Amrapali: The most beautiful woman in the world history17 months ago

Amrapali of Vaishali democracy, the most beautiful woman of ancient world was forced to prostitution by state order. Intelligent and bold Amrapali force changed discipline of the Buddha....

Why America and Americans are in Financial Problem? Part I17 months ago

Why Americans facing financial problem? Economy towards recession? economic crisis? Job loss? Sub-prime crisis?Policy of President Bush? Terrorism? Problem lies somewhere else too. Root cause analysis

Searching to find a White collar job: Read it17 months ago

Read it before rushing to a white collar job. Is it actually worth? Are white collars gainers or losers? Think before rushing to a white collar job? Is it financially smart? See other side of coin.

Unemployed Youth in India: Problems and solutions of unemployment17 months ago

Instead of boom in Indian economy many of the youth are still unemployed. Why are they? Many of them are actually unemployable. Root cause of the problem and possible solutions.

Gemstones and Jewelry: Classifications and categories13 months ago

Know the different categories and sub-categories of Gems and Jewelry to classify and to know subject better. First time a serious effort for classification of Gems and Jewelry industry....

Business secrets of Dhirubhai Ambani, Founder of Reliance Industries11 months ago

Dhirubhai Ambani, founder of Reliance industries had seven secrets in business. A must for all entrepreneurs. Learn to grow your business.

Rich Dad Poor Son17 months ago

We often see children of rich dad in financial problems. Why rich dad has a poor son. What are the route causes? Why can not they maintain their financial status? A real story to learn from.....

Ramdeobaba: Wonderful Marketer of Yoga17 months ago

Swami Ramdeo marketed ancient Indian therapy Yoga in a way that no body could do earlier. He has captured the media and established Yoga as an alternate therapy to cure all diseases.

Antique Kundan Jadau Meena of Varanasi: Old Memories17 months ago

Varanasi is famous for Kundan-meena-jadau jewelry especially for pink enamel. Women & girls always love this evergreen in fashion, exclusive in design with diamond studded gold enamel necklace, ring.

Gem and Jewelry business in Hyderabad, India17 months ago

Jewelery business in Hyderabad started in Royal patronage of the Nizams and developed in its own way. City consumes Jadau-kundan-meena,diamond, color stones of Rs. 10,000 crores per annun.

Beaded Necklace: Ornaments with stone beads17 months ago

Beaded necklace is a special kind of designed jewelery with beads, long beads or drops hanging. Jadau-kundan-meena necklace are typical example of.....

Diamond: Quality, Grading, Value and Certification17 months ago

Consumers of diamonds are growing very fast. Sole purpose of article is to educate them to get full value of their money. They must not be deceived by shop-keepers or certifying agencies...

Earning in real life: The best idea 17 months ago

Wanna be a billionaire? Working hard for a million or just for livelihood? This hub is for those people who are strongly convinced to change their attitude. Who has an Unique idea!!

How to motivate and manage people17 months ago

Whether it is Industry or Business, home or institute, a leader should know how to Motivate and manage people. Whom I have motivated are ready to do anything for me. Know why and how to motivate....

Bengali sweets Rasogolla and Sandesh: Taste of Bengal (India)17 months ago

Wanna know about Indian food? Delicious sweets? India has hundreds and thousands categories of foods in its list. Hundreds of varieties of sweets are found here, perhaps the most popular is Rasogolla, which is a...

How to evaluate, buy and preserve Kundan Meena Jadau Jewelry17 months ago

Tips for how to Evaluate Kundan Meena Jadau ornaments before buying it and Preserve it after buying. Know how and guide....Kundan Meena Jadau jewelry

Jadau and Meenakari : The artistic Jewellery of Mogul pattern17 months ago

Kundan Meena Jadau is a special class of Indian jewelry. Indian enameling (Meenakari ) work is mainly done in Jaipur, Bikaner, Sardarshaha, Varanasi and Hyderabad with kundan-jadau.

Modern Physics and Sub-atomic particles17 months ago

Particle physics has a great place in f modern physics studying sub atomic particles. Quantum and Theory of relativity...LhC project of CERN is a great deal in finding Boson, the God particle

India cuts small diamonds and Indians consuming solitaires13 months ago

India produces 90 percent of small diamonds in the world but consumes single big size diamonds (Solitaires). This beautiful glittering stone diamond has attracted mankind for centuries.....

How to grow Healthy Food from Organic Farming?17 months ago

Worldwide rise in population led the farmers to use more and more chemicals, but for healthy and environment friendly food, we need organic farming. Here is how to grow healthy food.....

Quality, Origin and Properties of Ruby stone, yellow and blue Sapphires13 months ago

Ruby and sapphire belongs to same family corundum. Costliest rubies are from Burma where as Blue sapphires are from Kashmir. also found in Ceylon, India,Thailand....article from a gem-stone dealer.

Gemstone and Jewelry business in Jaipur, the color stone hub8 months ago

Jaipur, Pink city, India is the gem and jewelry hub especially for colored stones. Emerald,Ruby,Sapphires,Tanzanite..all types of color gemstones are cut polished and exported....