All models share the Quick-fix mounting kit

All our GC autosamplers - automatic liquid sampler, headspace and all-in-ones autosampler - share the same mounting kit to allow interchange between the lab. They are low weight, compact and features a bench space saving design: that makes GC maintenance very convenient.

Future proof investment

Regardless which GC you buy next (a new Agilent 7890, 7820 or 6850; a refurbished Agilent 5890 or 6890; a new Shimadzu 2010, 2014 or 2025) you should expect to re-use your HTA autosampler just by sourcing a autosampler agilent new mounting kit. We support 50+ GC models: check the full list here.

Accurate vial piercing

The vial locator assures to pierce the vial always in the same position, avoiding multiple drills you may have experienced with other autosamplers.

Fast plunger movement

As Agilent says “fast plunger movement minimizes needle discrimination and reduces background interferences which means better results with less rework”. HT3x00A takes less than 100ms on 80% syringe nominal volume: a record in its category.