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• Humane animal deterrent

• Highly rated

• Works as advertised

• Gets rid of raccoons

• Motion activated

• Raccoon control

• No use of hazardous chemicals

• Allowed in all environments

• Raccoon repellent

• Safe, effective raccoon deterrent

• Protects a large yard - 1200 sq ft

• No raccoon trap required

• Easy set up


• Have to change battery

• Need durable hose

• Should turn off hose in morning

• Need to adjust the sensitivity of motion sensor

• Need to adjust field of spray to yard size

• Works against humans, too

Looking for a Raccoon Repellent for your Backyard?

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I decided to build this site to help others resolve a raccoon problem that I experienced personally. We have a large backyard, and the raccoons would come into it every night. Sometimes they would pass through a couple of hours after dark. Then, between 1:00am and 3:00am they would return. At first, I discovered this because I would see the motion lights go on in the backyard. As long as the raccoons just dug the grubs out of the lawn, I wasn’t overly concerned. However, increasingly after eating the insects, I discovered that these raccoons came to party.

I told my wife that the raccoons were swimming in the pool at night, but she said, “no way”. Then, one night, I woke her up to show her the evidence. An entire family of raccoons were swimming in the pool and playing water games, just like human beings. My wife said, “far out”. Now, she believed it because she saw it with her own two eyes. However, she no longer wanted to go into the pool. She said, “don’t they have, like rabies or something?” It became obvious that, like so many others, we had a raccoon problem. But, it got worse. Not only were these raccoon repellent raccoons swimming and partying in the deep end of the pool, but, when the party was over, they would go over to the shallow side of the pool and take a crap before leaving. Now they really pissed me off. I was determined to find an effective raccoon repellent and put an end to this nightmare. I went online searching. I discovered that many people had good results in using a motion activated sprinkler as a raccoon deterrent. By now, I had become used to sitting up at night and hiding in the family room. When the motion lights came on, I knew it was them.

On a few occasion, I ran outside in my slippers to confront the raccoons with a long pole – the same one used to clean the pool. That is not a course of action I recommend. These raccoons were not afraid of me. Now, I am 6ft 5ins and 255 lbs. The raccoons were not impressed. On more than one occasion, they actually turned to challenge me in my own backyard. One night it came really close because the grass was wet, and I slipped and fell while trying to scare them I highly recommend a motion activated sprinkler as a raccoon deterrent. The Contech CRO101 Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler solved the problem of raccoons crapping in my pool. I am living proof that it is an effective raccoon repellent.The only downside is that, occasionally, I forget to go outside in the morning to turn the water off. The result is that when my wife steps outside on the back patio, she gets drenched and comes running back in the house screaming at me to turn my “thing” off. away by throwing a rock. Luckily for me, they had moved far enough that I was able to get up and retreat into the house.

The crapping in the pool got so bad that I thought about killing these critters. Of course I realized that doing so would not solve the problem because more would come back. Plus, I was determined to find a humane solution to this raccoon problem. Even so, my daughter would hate me if I harmed an animal. So, I decided there had to be another way. I ordered the Contech CRO101 Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler from Amazon.

I set it up in the backyard. I thoroughly cleaned and shocked the pool like I had done so many other times. Weeks went by. The pool remained clean. There was no raccoon crap in the pool. At first I thought they just hadn’t been by in a while. So, I sat up one night to check for myself. It worked. I saw the raccoons sneaking by along the back fence of the yard to avoid being hit by the sprinkler’s reach. And the noise made by the sprinkler effectively scared them away as well. Success.

Motion Activated Sprinkler Frequently Asked Question:

1. Q. Does the Scarecrow sprinkler work in the dark?

• A. Yes. Raccoons are nocturnal creatures. They come out at night. However, the infrared sensor works in the day as well. Any person or animal triggering the device will get drenched – day or night.

2. Q. Did the contech scarecrow get rid of my raccoons?

• A. Yes. I recommend this product because I use it myself. I have no more raccoons crapping in my pool. They creep by out of range of the sensor. However, raccoons are persistent. Keep a supply of 9 volt batteries to power the unit and keep them away.

3. Q. Does the motion detector sprinkler harm animals?

• A. No. The motion sensor sprinkler is a safe, humane raccoon deterrent.

4. Q. Does the contech scarecrow deter other animals as well?

• A. Yes. The Scarecrow repels deer, rabbits, cats, dogs, possums, squirrels, and, of course, raccoons from your backyard, pond, or pool.