Causes Of Insomnia


Whenever there is pain in any organ or part of body or pain due to broken of bone leads to sleeplessness.


This relives pain and which induce.

Health disorder:

Diseases like heart burn, joints pain, hypothyroidism, heart diseases, stuffy nose, and headache and influenza difficulty in breathing cause a patient to restless and in this case a patient suffers from insomnia.

Poor sleep:

Poor sleep at night or poor quality sleep can cause insomnia.

Environmental factors:

Such as noise and change of sleeping place leads to insomnia. Doing much pending work at evening leave you restlessness resulting insomnia. The light from computer make you alert enough to keep you awaking.

Mental disorders:

Like stress and Anxiety, fear, depression, worry also creates insomnia in a person.


Some medical drugs which are used in some kind of disease or illness ambien sleep eating disorder cause insomnia.

Poor Eating Habits:

Poor eating habits eating late at night or even eating heavy food or some kind of oily food leaves a person restless and due to this restlessness a person can suffers from insomnia.

Too much eating:

Take heavy meals before going to bed also leads to insomnia.

Change in habits:

Change in habits can cause less sleep or insomnia in a person. If a person changes its healthy habits to less healthy habits like change its sleeping time can cause insomnia.


Aging process can also induce insomnia in a person.


Hormonal change in a person leads to occurs at the time of menstrual cycle, menopause or in pregnancy or after fetal birth.


Taking too much sleep maintenance insomnia cure physical exercise induce insomnia.

Over use of sedative drugs:

Excessive use or over dose of sedative drugs causes insomnia.

Physiological effects:

Such physiological disorders like hypertension, stress, depression, worry about finance and any other tension leads a person restless causing him to induce insomnia.